It Is Beautiful Today

The Gilmore family played an awesome game of “Guess the Toss-up states that go Obama”.

I am not going to post the results yet because Terry is calling foul. Voter turn out numbers are way too low and there is talk that the early votes have not been counted in Georgia. Terry picked Georgia, and he is not giving up easlily.

Also, Drew took Missouri which just was called for McCain by a few thousand votes, I am not ready to call it yet. Too close.

North Carolina, still too close.

Al Franken is down by less than 700 votes in his senate race in Minnesota, and is calling for a very necessary recount.

In very sad news it looks like Proposition 8 is going to pass in California outlawing Same-Sex marrige. Very sad, but this battle is far from over, I promise you my sisters.

Still a lot to digest today.

My skin is tingling, I do not feel like a kid the day after Christmas, I feel like we have Christmas every day for at least four years.


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