The Moment

Watching this again was almost as good as the first time. I can tell you exactly what it was like here at Obama Headquarters Hilton.

At about 10:57, Nicki and I were watching MSNBSC, Kate and Jax had fallen asleep and Drew had headed home about a half hour earlier.

The Gilmore’s (Nicki and Terry) made a Electoral Map Poster that we colored in as the states were called by MSNBC. (I will post pictures of the final version when we know what the final version looks like, I still think Georgia and Missouri are going Obama, sorry, I know it is annoying when I wont let something go).

At 10:59 I woke Kate up, Virginia had just been called for Obama. I stood up with my blue marker to begin the arduous task of coloring the whole Left Coast Blue, at about 10:59:30 I started to stand and walk towards the Map.

As I turned my back to the map I heard the MSNBC music that lets you know they are about to call a state, I turned towards the TV and Keith (how awesome was it that it was Keith?) announced the NBC was calling the election for Obama. I stood with my hands on my head, tears streaming down my cheeks a NBC showed different parts of our country celebrating.

I am still, ten hours later, in that moment. I have not exhaled.


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