Quick Update

This is just about what the final map is going to look like, barring a few outstanding problems.

Firstly, although Missouri has been called by the networks, Politico is still not calling it because the difference is less than 20,000 votes. I still think Missouri is going Obama.

I am not going to let this one go. I think Georgia went Obama. There are 600,000 uncounted early votes that are still floating around out there. Obama won the early vote by 60-40.

Al Franken is down by 236 votes in Minnesota for Dick Head Norm Coleman’s seat. 236 votes.

They are going to a recount.

And maybe Todd Palin was right. I think after seeing the morons in the great state of Alaska vote for a convicted felon (unless the numbers are as effed up as they look like they are, turn out is way way down, even with Sarah Palin on the ticket), Maybe Alaska should seceede from the Union.

I officially endorse Alaska out, Puerto Rico in.

What is not being said by the McCain people that are trashing Sarah Palin (which they should do) is that it was the same people who put her on the ticket for cynical, awful reasons.

Lets chalk this one up on the list of things that Bill Kristol has been wrong about.


Add to it the Iraq war, the War on Terror, the list goes on and on.

And can we finally, really absolutely, put to bed the moronic notion that Karl Rove is a genius.

Lets tell it like it is. He led Bush to “win” in 2000, if you can call it that with a straight face, by 500 votes.

He “won” in 2004 by stealing Ohio.

He proclaimed that there would be a permanent Republican Majority in Government.

Eight years later we have a majority in both houses and a black president named Barack Hussien Obama.

Karl, your a moron.

and for some reason Fox News still turns to your moronic ass for political advice.

On Election night, as Rove is explaining to the moronic Fox News viewers how if McCain can win Ohio, he has a clear path to victory, Brit Hume (and all the folds of skin that make up his face) somberly walks into the frame and informs Bush’s Brain that Fox was calling Ohio for Obama.

Oh, and Karl, dont you still have an outstanding Congressional Subpeona. Run and Hide little man.


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