Punched In The Mouth

So much for the National Championship talk Penn State.

Coming out of the weak Big 10, the lions needed to go undefeated in order to secure a spot in the BCS Championship. With 1 loss, there are a ton of 1-loss teams that are better than Penn State. I cannot even lie to myself and claim that State is better than Florida with one loss, or Oklahoma with one loss, or Texas with one loss.

I should have written about this prior to Penn State getting slapped around by Iowa. I hate the BCS. I hate the bowl system. Yes, I understand that the current system makes every week similar to a playoff, because if you lose, like Penn State did, you run the risk of being OUT.

Yes, I realize that there is a fortune the size of the bail-out that the domestic car companies are about to get rolled into the bowl system, and no one wants to run the risk of butchering that cash cow.

My contention is however, that there are at least 8, if not 12 teams that deserve a shot at winning the championship. Should Florida be left out because of a one point loss to Ole Miss in the third week of the season.

Texas loses on the last play of the game to Texas Tech, are they no longer talented enough to win it all.

I say no.

I think that the bowl system can be assimilated into a playoff. Where the smaller bowls are the first few rounds. They keep their names, and their huge corporate sponsorships.

The major bowls can be the final four. I realize that the Rose Bowl has historically been a matchup of the Pac 10 and the Big 10, there has to be a way where if teams from those conferences are seeded to play each other, that game can be the Rose Bowl and so on.

There are too many smart people involved, and there is too much money to be made for the current system to remain.

Luckily our President Elect is for an Eight Team Playoff.


Couple of quick hit…Stuff I will get to later.

– Matt Holliday was traded to the Oakland A’s today, I would wager that this signals two things

1. The Oakland A’s are going to be a major player as they equip themselves for the ’09 season.

2. The Hot Stove has begun, and with the end of the election, you will be hearing much more from me about baseball as this is my favorite time of the year.

– The Mets are a mess, and I don’t know where to begin to fix them. They could start with a whale of a contract for Francisco Rodriguez’s services.

– My fantasy football team is Ass. If we make it into the playoffs (which is a big IF) we are screwed.

– The Buccaneers suck.


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