K-Rod a Met?

My guess is that K-Rod, and his rediculous over-the-top celebrations will be on the mound in the 9th inning at Citi Field (If Citi Group hasn’t gone under by the time the season ends, one more reason why corporate ownership of stadium naming rights sucks).

I am in favor of this move. The Mets needs to stabilize the bullpen. They need to have a guy at the end of games that they know gives them a 98% chance of winning.

The number one issue with the Mets the last two years has been the bullpen. Period. I think think all of the offensive struggles are a function of a team that knows they need to score runs, and lots of them, to ensure their bullpen wont blow it.

This team needs arms. Young, powerful, arms.

I would prefer that they do so without giving up the young arms they have, Kuntz, Parnell, Niese, etc.

My Hot Stove Shopping List:

Orlando Hudson 2B

A corner outfielder…

Adam Dunn
Manny Ramirez
Juan Rivera

some kind of big bat. I don’t care if it’s Manny, Dunn, or…Teixeira

potential Lineup:

Reyes SS
Hudson 2B
Manny, Teixeira or Wright
Wright or Beltran
Dunn LF/1B or Beltran
Church LF
Murphy 1B/LF
Schneider C

Various other hard throwing Free agent relievers including

Brandon Lyon
Luis Ayala
Dennys Reyes

Anyone that throws really hard.

Derek Lowe
A.J. Burnett
Ryan Dempster
Jon Garland

… Ben Sheets?

Possible Rotation

Oliver Perez, Pedro Martinez, Jon Garland

I am happy with that.

Bullpen of

Duaner Sanchez (I bring him back because I don’t think we saw him healthy all year)
Pedro Feliciano- with the caveate being that he only is allowed to pitch against lefties

Joe Smith

Bobby Parnell

Eddie Kunz

Carlos Muniz

John Neise

Brian Stokes

…Notice the lack of Heilman and Schoeneweis. You might be able to throw Feliciano in that group who has to go.

Delgado is also not on my hypothetical team. Time to go Carlos. You hit the shit out of the ball in the second half. What scares me is, where the hell was that the first four months of the season.

If he was loafing because he didn’t like Willie, that is inexcuseable. I hated Willie as much as the next guy. But you can’t quit cause you don’t like the coach.

Castillo’s gotta go.

The bench minus Endy’s gotta go.

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