Obama Wants a Playoff

He reiterated this stance last night on 60 minutes, but I could not find the video. Obama went so far as to say he would exercise some of the enormous clout of the Executive Branch on the NCAA in order to make this happen.

Once again, this is why I voted for the guy. He gets results.

1. Alabama 11-0
2. Texas Tech 10-0
3. Texas 10-1
4. Florida 9-1
5. Oklahoma 9-1
6. USC 9-1
7. Utah 11-0
8. Penn State 10-1

How awesome would this be?

Round 1.

1. Alabama
8. Penn State

2. Texas Tech
7. Utah

3. Texas
6. USC

4. Florida
5. Oklahoma

Round 2.


Texas Tech- USC



Make it happen Obama.


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