John Lynch Retires

The Dude Could Flat Out Hit. Period.

Dexter “the Bane of My Existence” Jackson won Superbowl MVP because Lynch told him prior to the play exactly what play was going to be run.

Jon Gruden had coached the Raiders the year before. Bill Callahan, like an idiot didn’t make any drastic changes to the offense (hence why he no longer has a job). The Bucs spent the week before the game learning everything about the Raiders offense.

There was a video from NFL Films showing Lynch telling Jackson prior to his INT for a TD exactly what play they were going to run, literally telling him where to stand.

I love John Lynch. That is the type of player I was in College. I was not nearly fast enough, strong enough, or athletic enough. I made up for it by being smarter then the people I was playing against.

John Lynch can flat out hit.

Yes I realize these are all Broncos highlights. I could not find any good Bucs stuff.

This is sort of sad for me. It is the end of an era. Lynch, Alstott, Sapp. When Barber and Brooks are gone it will mean the end of an awesome thing.

These players defined what I loved about football since I was in middle school.

The Tampa Defense, and Tony Dungy do not get credit for what they have meant to the game as a whole.

Basically every team that is not playing a 3-4 is playing a version of the 4-3 that Dungy and Monte Kiffin revolutionized.

People talk about the Bill Parcells coaching tree, or the Mike Holmegren coaching tree.

How about Dungy. Try Herman Edwards (DBs coach under Dungy, and John Lynch’s first position coach), Lovie Smith (LBs coach) Rod Marinellie (D Line), Mike Tomlin (DBs after Edwards) among others.

I know it sounds insane. But I attribute the 2002 Super Bowl win to Dungy, not Gruden. Sorry.

And in case you forgot how awesome he is:

Someone who reads this once referred to it as “poetry in motion”


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