My Head

Things have slowed down considerably here so let me catch you up on what’s going on.

Politically I am fairly tuned out. Sorry. I cared about nothing but the election for a long time, a real long time, and now that it is over I am taking a mental break.

January 20th is a long time from now. I am expecting Obama’s first weeks/months is office to be exciting.

But as the economic crisis worsen, I realize that what he is going to be able to focus on may have already been determined by W.

Although crisis provides opportunity for Obama to prove his greatness, it is unfair that he is shackeled by the failures of the Bush administration.

I don’t care about is cabinet appointments. Call it nieve, but I just don’t have the mental engery to stress about each of his choices.

If he chooses Hillary as his S of S, I think that it is a bad choice, not because Hill is not a qualified, capable candidate, but for the same reason that she was not a good VP choice… Bill.

Bill accepted money, and lots of it, from lots of foreign places, money buys influence, influence over the person who is going to be helping to shape American Foreign policy for the next 8 years. Bad Combination, sorry.


After the mentally exhausting campaign, I have fallen back on sports to keep my busy brain occupied without too much effort.

The Buccaneers are the 2nd, or 3rd best team in the NFC, and had they not shit the bed against the Cowboys, they would be clearly the 2nd best after the Giants.

They finish the season they play the Chargers and Raiders, two games they SHOULD win. That takes them to at least 10 wins, and the next three weeks they play all three of their division teams, Saints, Falcons, and Panthers, if they are able to manage 2/3 they will be in very, very good position to win the division and have a first round bye.

Penn State smoked Michigan State, which on one hand was awesome, and on hand I am really happy, it was an awesome win. On the other hand, I am still trying to figure out how in the hell we lost to Iowa. Had they finished the season undefeated, with Texas Tech losing, Penn State would have all but locked up a spot in the championship game.

Which brings me to this worn out arguement. This season proves again that College Football needs a playoff. The top 8 teams in the country all deserve a shot at this thing, as none of them have an unblemished record (save Alabama, who will lose to Florida in the SEC championship game).

The two arguments that I will not give credit to are that

1.) The regular season is the most exciting in sports…. FALSE. The last two weeks have been brutally boring. Each sporting only one good game. Now had 10-20 teams been fighting for a shot into the playoff, there would have been a ton more exciting games.

2.) The regular season acts as a playoff….. FALSE. Because it all comes down to when you lose. Which is bull. Is Texas better because they beat Oklahoma? or is Oklahoma better because they beat Texas Tech, who beat Texas?

I have a novel idea, how about we throw out all of the rediculous speculation, guessing, and analysis, and let the effing teams decide it on the field, you win you go on, you lose, you are done.


It looks like the Brawlers are going to make the Playoffs.

We hit a rough patch in the middle of the season, but thanks to a trade of McNabb for Phil Rivers, The Brawlers finally have that QB they have been missing.

We are sitting in a nice spot going into next week where we are NOT in a must win situation.

We can lose next week and still pull out the win.

So, that’s what has been going on in my head.

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