Almost 17 Months Later

God a lot has changed. So much has stayed the same.


Why I hate this Rick Warren Thing

President Elect Obama, I hate this. I hate that you are allowing people who think like this to be a part of a day that is going to be counted among the most important in my life.

I hate the “It’s a choice” people

I hate the “redefining ‘marriage'” people

What this boils down to is an argument about semantics and it makes me crazy that a portion of the population in this country would deny another portion of this country’s population their basic CIVIL RIGHTS based on a word.

And what I hate is that a man whose parents would not be allowed to marry 60 years ago in this country chooses to allow one of these people to share in the most important day in American politics that I can remember in my lifetime.

Seriously Mr. President Elect? Seriously?

Your Losing Me, Barack

Rick Warren is a dick and has no place in the capital on January 20th. I have no time for anyone who equates gay and lesbians marrying, and marrying a child, or an animal. Period.

I expected to lose some of the excitement of the campaign once things got going with running the country. What I didn’t expect was to have my eye spit in by the guy who I busted my ass and my wallet to help get elected.

This is, to say the least, a hot button issue for me.

Jon Stewart Rules

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