The Mets signed 26-year old closer Francisco Rodriguez to a 3 year/36 million dollar contract with an option for a fourth year at 14 mill if he reaches certain achievement milestones which are easily attainable if healthy. This is a far cry from the 5/75 million he was originally looking for.

I suppose this is one benefit of the crappy economy.

This deal is not coming with the hype that last years Santana trade did, but make no mistake, this deal is just as important, if not more so that Santana was.

Santana pitched (wonderfully) every 5 days, K-Rod could potentially pitch every other day, or every third day. His value to this team I don’t think can be over stated after the way the last two seasons ended. I am actually really excited about baseball right now.

Because K was so affordable, it frees up Omar the dunce, to add some other key pieces (1 or 2 starting pitchers, I have no complaints about Jon Garland and a trade for a guy like Ian Snell, who despite his name, is nasty) and find a way to trade away Luis Castillo and Aaron Heilman.

A move that sends Heilman to the Rockies for Huston (Terry threw a ball at my head in Toronto in a wild effort to get a signature) Street would be amazing.

A lineup of

Orlando Hudson-via free agency one Castillo is gone, anywhere for anything
Murphy/Tatis/whom ever

would be fine by me. Mind you I would be thrilled with a Delgado trade to the Angeles if they miss out on the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, and Murphy at First and one of the many free agent left fielders (Adam Dunn, Garett Anderson, Fat Burell, Cliff Floyd, etc.) to hold down left until Fernando “the teen aged hitting machine” is ready to step in.

A rotation of:

Garland/Snell/Ben Sheets/Derek Lowe/Jason Marquis
John Niese

would be fine with me, hell I would even consider bringing Oliver Perez back.

with a Bullpen that looks like:

Duaner Sanchez
Joe Smith
Scott Blowenweis
Brian Stokes
Free agent anyone
Huston Street

would also be fine by me. I still maintain that the mets were a few relievers away from being the best team in the NL. Fuck, the Phillies won the W.S. and you cannot tell me that team was head and shoulders better than the Mets, I don’t believe it.

In related news, my favorite sports event ever is returning this year, the World Baseball Classic. I happened to be one of 7 people in the world who got really into it the first time around, and seeing as there was really only one major injury (Luis Ayala who ended up on the Mets last year and pitched well) I think the thing was a major success.

I cannot wait to watch again.


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