Arod Slaps Balls

None of this matters to me. Call me crazy but I just don’t care. I don’t admire that he came out and said what he said yesterday. Had SI not reported on Saturday that he tested positive, Alex would have went on pretending like he never did anything wrong and that he is a victim in this scenario.

I watched the interview in it’s entirety and he did not answer one question that we did not already know the answer to. All he admitted to was doing “Something” between 01-03.

When asked what he took he repeated a practiced line about “The Culture back then”.

When asked where he got it he referred to “The Culture back then”.

This was a weasley (I hate to use that term because it makes Ron look bad) way to apologize without ever saying exactly what he was apologizing for.

Alex continues to be a joke to me. All of Alex’s problems stem from a psychotic need to always come out looking good. Every step Alex takes is calculated.

None of what came out yesterday was of any suprise to me. When I heard in the car on Saturday that he did this, I was not suprised in the slightest. The only thing that suprised me was that the information had come out.

To me no player that played the game from about 1986 the the present is beyond suspicion. I know that sounds cynical but for me there is no way to rationalize or justify saying a player absolutely did not take anything.

I didn’t start watching baseball because Mark McGuire hit 62 home runs. I didn’t care when Barry hit 73. I started watching baseball because I liked watching a 180 pound Short Stop fly from home to first on a dribbler to the third basemen, beating out the throw by an inch.

I started watching baseball because the sport is the ultimate blend of individual accomplishments and team work:

To me, players that have come up since about 2003 are under slightly less suspicion. They came through a minor league system that he strict testing policies and are a part of a generation (like me) who have a greater knowledge of what is and is not ok to put into your body. Alex used the “You could walk into GNC and get this stuff” line which is true to a degree, it is still however the responsibilty of the athlete who is making 252 MILLION DOLLARS over 10 years to know what is going into his body. Regardless of “The Culture”.

I have my own list of guys who are absolutely guilty. Luis Gonzalez, Brett Boone, Andruw Jones I am looking at you. My guess is that it was more pitchers than hitters, and more fringe players trying to comptete with the big boys than it was super stars.

For now I will cheer my ass off for David Wright and his 33 Home Runs, and Jose Reyes and his 15. Chicks may dig the long ball but Terry digs the hustle double.


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