Draft #2 Complete

Little did I know that the staff of Dr. Freddie Thomas High, with the exception of a few diamonds in the rough, have little to no idea how to win in Fantasy Baseball. The draft went very well.

I tried some things I don’t usually do, such as drafting a pitcher before round 5. I got into the draft and got a little crazy.

1. (3) Russell Martin
2. (18) Lance Berkman
3. (23) Chris Davis
4. (38) Alex Gordon
5. (43) Chase Utley
6. (58) Mike Aviles
7. (63) Yunel Escobar
8. (78) Matt Holliday
9. (83) Andre Ethier
10. (98) Nelson Cruz
11. (103) Ryan Doumit
12. (118) Pablo Sandoval
13. (123) Lastings Milledge
14. (138) Jason Motte
15. (143) Kyle Lohse
16. (158) Johan Santana
17. (163) John Lackey
18. (178) Félix Hernández
19. (183) Ricky Nolasco
20. (198) Mike Pelfrey
21. (203) Joakim Soria
22. (218) Brian Fuentes
23. (223) Matt Lindstrom
24. (238) Ubaldo Jiménez
25. (243) John Smoltz
26. (258) Kevin Gregg

These are not by round.

I took Utley first (8th pick), Santana 2nd, Matt Holliday 3rd, Fat Elvis 4th and so on.

I will keep the page reasonably updated on how were doing.


The Draft Is Complete

Bear’s Brawlers
1. (1) David Wright
2. (24) Lance Berkman
3. (25) Matt Holliday
4. (48) Álex Ríos
5. (49) Dan Haren
6. (72) Ryan Doumit
7. (73) Joakim Soria
8. (96) Yovani Gallardo
9. (97) Mike Aviles
10. (120) Howie Kendrick
11. (121) Bobby Jenks
12. (144) Josh Johnson
13. (145) Yunel Escobar
14. (168) Alex Gordon
15. (169) Mike Pelfrey
16. (192) Ubaldo Jiménez
17. (193) Heath Bell
18. (216) Mark Reynolds
19. (217) Armando Galarraga
20. (240) John Smoltz
21. (241) Joey Devine
22. (264) Daniel Murphy

I had the first pick in the draft which means that I had the last pick in the second round and the first pick in the third, so on and so forth.

In general I am happy with this team. I try very hard to not rely on guys with a history of injuries. Which means banking on guys like Yovani Gallardo and Howie Kendrick, both of whom are tremendous when healthy, to stay that way is a gamble. Like I said yesterday, I don’t put a ton of stock into the draft, there are going to be any number of players availible who will perform at a talent level equal to or above many of the players who were taken in the middle rounds.

I am counting on Fat Elvis (Berkman)to stay healthy. Which could be a huge gamble for me.

I am trying not to freak out and drop half my team right now. We will see how things shake out.

Next draft, Saturday. I have the 8th pick.

Draft Day

Draft Day is here. I tend to not put a ton of stock into the draft. There will be an absolute ton of players availible that go undrafted that are going to have a ton of value.

I have demonstrated a knack for finding value late (I drafted Josh Hamilton in the 17th round last year, and Jon Lester in the 21st).

I have my eye on some guys this year that I think might break out in a big way. I will post my team probably tomorrow morning.

I love draft day.

WBC Finals-Baseball At Its Best

Baseball before performance enhancing drugs. Baseball before A-Rod’s ridiculous salary. Baseball

The WBC was a huge success as far as I am concerned. No major injuries to pitchers. Chipper Jones got hurt, and all that really means to me is that Chipper Jones did was Chipper Jones always does.

I did notice a theme among the talking heads on ESPN where all they wanted to focus on was the injuries, whether it was on the radio or TV, every WBC conversation started with “Injuries, Injuries, Injuries”.