World Baseball Classic

The 2009 World Baseball Classic starts later this week. Aside from the lingering fear that Jose Reyes will die, I am very excited about this. I love this event. I think that it brings energy and excitment to a time in the baseball season that is usually reserved for arguments over how many left-handed relievers the Mets will carry on their 25-man rosters.

I think that the fear over injuries is over played to a degree. Don’t get me wrong, I am concerned that guys like K-Rod are going to be going all out to close games for Venezuela when they should be tossing meaningless innings in Port St. Lucie. I am chosing to enjoy the games and not worry about injuries, they are going to happen. At least one guy is going to blow out a major joint, but that guys major joint was most likely hanging by a thread and was due to blow anyways. (I am looking at you Luis Ayala).

Round 1 starts this weekend with the USA taking on Canada in Toronto Saturday at 2pm. The game can be caught on ESPN.


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