Twitter, Stalker, Grunter and Voweler

I think I am a tad bit tech savvy. I have my own website. It has a sweet sidebar with stuff from that I want you all to buy me for my birthday (which is in 6 days). I am just struggling to get into Twitter. I get facebook. I get myspace. We are part of the My generation. We have all become dependant on instant access, instant gratification, instant messages, instant relationships. We are now the fat people from Wall-e

I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of this mentality. I get frustrated when things take a long time in the mail. Never mind that I clicked a button on a machine and entered some numbers from a piece of plastic in my pocket and what I wanted is being dropped off at my door. I want my shit. I know how bad this is.

I suppose Twitter makes sense if you are someone who is important enough for people to care what you are doing.

For example, Matt Cerone is the writer of and he is a fan of the mets who, through his website has been given the same access that journalists have. So it is interesting to read his twitter because it gives quick updates of what awesome things he is allowed to do that all mets fans would love to be doing without the filter of being an unbiased journalist.

But why the hell would I Twitter?

“Just woke up, making coffee really tired today”

“driving to work, I think my eyes should probably be on the road”

“sitting at my desk, just like yesterday”

that is boring even to me. If anything really important comes up, I will throw it up here, or on my Myspace, or my Facebook, or I will text you, or call you, or stop over and tell you. Is this seriously where we are at?


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