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Blue/White game tomorrow.


"We Are America, We Do Not Fucking Torture"

Those are not my words (although they could be). Those are the words for Fox News host Shepard Smith. How ’bout the apples. Shep, I can’t believe how awesome this is.

I love where about five seconds after the F-bomb he says, “oops” like he realizes what he said. I love this.

Karl Rove has tried to turn this into a left-right issue. If you are for doing “whatever it takes” to defend America, you are Republican and you are right. If you have limits to what you consider acceptable tactics to use when fighting a war, you are a a Democrat, and you are a pussy.

There could be nothing that is less of a Right-Left argument. This is a do you believe in the values of our founding fathers, or do you believe that drastic times call for throwing the Constitution out the window.

The fact of the matter is, as SUNY Brockport Political Science Professor David Stavely can attest (having almost failed his class in ’03 for disagreeing on this point) 9-11 scared the shit out of a lot of people. People no longer felt safe in their happy little lives, as Tyler Derden was discribe it, they had lost their illusion of safety.

And in this new world, where the illusion of safety had been torn down, people were willing to forget the values that make this country special and do what ever those in power told them to do inorder to regain some semblance of the “saftey” they felt before.

In this act, this “pee-your-pants” response to Terror, is the ultimate truth of 9-11. Whether that act was perpetrated by Muslim Extremists, our own Government, or some combination (as I think it was) the result was exactly what “they” were looking for. Which was scaring enough people into going along with whatever the Cheney-Bush Cabal wanted them to go along with.

This, 9-11, torture, Iraq, Afganistan, Blackwater, GitMo, all of this is about one thing and one thing only. Money. Ok, two things, Money and Power.

And the way you know they are worried about this is seeing Darth Dick crawl out of his lair to defend their actions.