Scary Stuff

I have not written a ton about politics lately. Some of it is burn out from the election season. Some of it is that I think by and large the President is doing a good job trying to sort through the absolute mess that was left for him to clean up. Aside from a stupid joke on Leno, I think he has done a good job and I have had my faith rewarded in his performance.

But this scares me:

These are people who are used to being alligned with those who are in power. The Hannity’s, the Limbaugh’s, the Savages and the Beck’s. The last time these people put thier minds together and tried to end someone’s political career they got a President impeached for getting and then lying about a Blow Job.

As laughable as Beck’s nightly rants are, there are people out there who take this crap seriously. And these people have guns and bibles and are just as scary as any Jihadist. Scary Stuff.


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