Citi Field Opens

So the Mets opened Citi Field last night. They lost a 6-5 game that was fun and exciting.

I love the new park, I think it is great and can’t wait until I can get down there. I never bonded with Shea Stadium. I never went there and I always thought it looked like a dump. The old park always looked to me like it was still under construction even 40 years later.

The biggest improvement in my opinion is the lack of obnoxious and irritating noises that the Mets played between at bats and pitches at Shea. If you have not heard it think the “Mortal Combat” soundtrack turned up to 11.

Maybe the best moment last night was Terry once again proving he has an uncanny ability to call home runs. With the mets down by 3, runners on the corners, 2 outs and David Wright came to the plate. Terry texted his buddy Mike with the count 1-0 at 8:47 and said “Here comes a bomb”… at 8:49 and a 3-2 count Wright launched a monster 3-run HR off a breaking ball at his shins. How did Terry know this was going to happen?


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