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I am working on a degree is secondary social studies and plan on focusing all of my lessons and units on social justice. I wrote two unit plans as final projects last semester and both of them focused on the 54th.

Give ’em Hell


Dave Matthews Band

So I went back to my first Dave Matthews Band concert in three years last night. Although I live in constant fear of overuse of hyperbole, it was in a word, Incredible.

Great sound, great company, great seats, terrible weather that did not affect me under the shell in the slightest.

I love the new songs, specifically “Why I Am”.

If you want to hear the new album for free go to:



Lake George etc.

Lake George is beautiful. I know this because I just used The Google to search for this image of the the picturesque lake.

The Lake George that I saw however, the fleeting glimpses between the trees and the drunken haze of this past weekend looked nothing like this.

I thought that it would. I packed a beach towel, swim trunks and sun screen. What I found however was beer for breakfast, a Buddabrew© and a guy who managed to simultaneously puke and piss to help two women complete their scavanger hunt.

I honestly did not know that my body could digest that much alcohol.

I was once again reminded why I would never, ever put my life in the hands of my college roommates. I love them for what they are, which is awesome but unreliable.

My brain has been in a sort of fog for four days as I try to recover. I somehow convinced myself, while in this alcohol induced fog, that getting last minute tickets to Dave Matthews today was a good idea. I literally decided I wanted to go less than 24 hrs ago. I am feeling a bit reckless I think.