Where I’m At

Today I am hating Shane Victorino. He is actually becoming my least favorite player in the league, including Alex Rodriguez.

He has a fat face, which pisses me off. She, I mean He showboats then complains when Reyes Showboats. He interfered with Reyes last night, then stood there with this stupid look on his stupid face like, “got ‘cha”. I hate this fat little Hawaiian.

I guessed Manny was on steriods. This does not shock me, no one shocks me. If it came out today that David Wright tested positive, I would not be shocked.

We as a society have the most hypocritical stance on the subject of performance enhancing drugs. I don’t care. I think the way we have portrayed Barry Bonds as an enemy of the state is unfair. Do I think he took drugs, knowingly? Yes. Do I care, No.

As long as a guy seems sorry, we are quick to forgive. As long as a guy has the good sense to get out before he gets caught, (yes I am looking at you Brett Boone), we don’t care.

I don’t care. I think Manny is still one of the best right handed hitters in the history of the game. Do I think Albert Pujols, arguably the best firstbasemen in the history of the game has done so without the assistance of something banned? No.


My semester ended this week. (aside from the project that I still have to do next week that I don’t even want to think about right now).

Getting my Masters is harder than I thought it would be.

I saw Wolverine. It was sweet. It kicked off my summer movie extravaganza. Star Trek next, the Terminator, it just keeps getting better.

I assulted an elderly woman yesterday when I was supposed to voulenteering at an elderly home. I sprayed her in the face with purple puffy paint. Sorry Gladys.


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