In a Foul Mood

In a pretty foul mood today. I actually woke up feeling pretty good. Then I remembered…

The Mets stink, seriously.

The Public Health Care Option looks like a very long shot at this point.

I suck at softball.

My leg hurts where I took off all the skin sliding into third as I successfully went first to third on a single to right-center and ignored the third base coach who was telling me to stop at second. (truth be told I didnt actually even hear him)

And I most likely won’t get the car I thought I bought yesterday. Crappy day. Thank the Gods© I have Avi tonight.


Saw This Last Night

I cried, and every single hair on the back of my neck was standing up. I don’t want to allow myself to get as excited as I am getting.

The Summer of Movies continues.

Adding… “Fight Back, you Coward” if only Harry knew.

God, I want Tigers

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It is my life’s ambition to raise tigers. Someday when Avi is grown up, I am going out west and raising tigers.

On the way home last night I stopped the car on the on-ramp for the express way because a baby kitten was running across the street. I tried to grab her, but she ran away into the woods. Probably feral anyway, but it would have been sweet if she was a tiger.


12 things they should not have cut from the Harry Potter films.

One of these in particular jumps off the page at me. At the end of the 3rd movie, it was just plain laziness that led to them not spending 4 minutes between Harry and Lupin where Lupin could explain the origins of the Marauder’s Map and the friendship between himself, James, Sirius and that slimy git fuck Peter Pettigrew.

This was THE key plot point to the third book, it begins the idea of Harry connecting his life, and his fight against He Must Not Be Named, to the fight that his parents undertook.

Watching the 3rd movie the first time, I was shocked they left this out.

The other major thing they left out was hiring a Dumbledore who didn’t refuse to read the book, and who understood that my Dumbledore would never yell at a group of students, or take Harry by the shoulders and shake him.

Movie 6 in like 3 weeks.

Four Weeks

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released in four weeks.

The LA Times has an interview up with the screen writer (butcher) who wrote the screen plays for films 1-4 but not 5. I actually didn’t know this, and it makes me a bit unsettled, as movie 5 was the one that I thought they did the best job of adapting to screen.

I won’t spoil the contents of the article for you, but I will say this… If they left out Dumbledore’s funeral, which it sounds like they did, I am not sure how I am going to feel about it. That scene marks the beginning of Harry’s transition to independence.

The transition that sees is completion with the scene at Shell Cottage where Harry makes the final choice between Horcruxes and Hallows. I am going to take a wait and see approach.

So far the Summer of Movies has not disappointed.

Star Trek… Check, Check
Terminator… Check
The Hangover… Check, Check

Next Week, Transformers.