Just a Hunch

But I think that Jerry Manuel is losing the Mets clubhouse.

Between Santana ignoring the signs and the yelling at Manuel while he shook the ball in his face prior to stalking off the mound Tuesday night, and David Wright seen visibly imploring Manuel to go argue a call at first base that went against the Mets (he didn’t argue it), I will say that I am feeling a bit of frustration on the part of the Mets players as it relates to their manager.

When the Mets made the move (just about a year ago) to end the Willie Randolph’s reign of Terror and no double switches, I was all for it. When they named Jerry the Gangsta Manuel as Randolph’s replacement, I loved it.

When Manuel was forced to pull Reyes due to injury during his first game as manager, much to Reyes’ dismay, I was thrilled.

Since that day, I have been decidedly underwhelmed.

It is not Manuel’s fault that Delgado, Reyes, Church, Perez, and every other player we have has been hurt this year.

But the stupid baserunning, the unfoced approach to the game, the losses to Washington and Pittsburgh, this stuff has to start to fall on Manuel’s shoulders.

I hate the Mets.

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