12 things they should not have cut from the Harry Potter films.

One of these in particular jumps off the page at me. At the end of the 3rd movie, it was just plain laziness that led to them not spending 4 minutes between Harry and Lupin where Lupin could explain the origins of the Marauder’s Map and the friendship between himself, James, Sirius and that slimy git fuck Peter Pettigrew.

This was THE key plot point to the third book, it begins the idea of Harry connecting his life, and his fight against He Must Not Be Named, to the fight that his parents undertook.

Watching the 3rd movie the first time, I was shocked they left this out.

The other major thing they left out was hiring a Dumbledore who didn’t refuse to read the book, and who understood that my Dumbledore would never yell at a group of students, or take Harry by the shoulders and shake him.

Movie 6 in like 3 weeks.


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