Why Not?

Why wouldn’t this make the perfect topic for my 500th post on this here little web site.

The writing has been a tad light lately, mostly because I have found very little rattling around in my head that needs writing.

Feeling fairly crappy this morning. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a major whinny bitch when I don’t feel good. Today would be one of those days.

Nothing, not one thing in the world makes me feel better than White Helmets, White Jereseys, White Pants, White Socks, and Black Shoes.

We Are.

Penn State.


On a side note, I am finding myself having an unwarranted amount of faith my my New York Mets right now.

I actually like the way they are playing.

No team at the trading deadline is going to acquire the amount of talent that the Mets are going to be returing.

John Maine
Oliver Perez
Billy Wagner
J.J. Putz
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Beltran (Bel-TRON if your John fucking Miller)
and Jose Reyes

If half of these guys come back and are 75% healthy, the Mets are by far, no doubt about it the best team in the NL East.

The Phillies suck. The Marlins are dick heads and the Braves are the Braves.

Call me crazy but I think there is every opportunity for a sweep of the Phils this weekend.


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