Heads Will Roll

So we find ourselves here yet again.

Another season of New York Metropolitans baseball has come to an end. This year instead of waiting until September to blow a huge lead and break my heart, they decided it would be better to go for more of a slow bleed strategy.

The season started with so much promise. A new stadium, a lineup full of all-stars. One of the best pitchers in the game at the front of the rotaton. One of the best pitchers in the game at the back of the bull pen. A manager who wasn’t Willie Randolph.

I ignored the warning signs. Shrugged off any doubts that the roster was thin behind the stars. I didn’t care that the back half of the rotation consisted of question marks and crossed fingers.

I was ready for an amazin’ Mets season.

I used the #1 overall pick in my fantasy baseball league to take David Wright. This would be the year that he put it all together and proved that he was more than just hype and thick eyebrows.

Then it all started to crumble. Star player after star player went down with what was initially considered minor injuries, only to find out later that what was ailing them was something far more severe than originally diagnosed. It happened once and we thought it was odd. It happened twice and we thought it was coincidence. Then we realized with the 3rd and 4th key players went down with major injury, that like V says, there are no coincidences. This Mets team was snake bitten. The black cloud that has perpetually hung over this team for the last three years had not moved, we just didn’t see it at first.

The 2006 playoffs, Endy Chavez’s game saving catch seem like they happened in another lifetime. These Mets, the Mets of the last three seasons, are simply and utterly incapable of winning.

I am far less upset this year than I have been in the past. I stopped paying attention in the middle of the Summer. If that makes me a bad fan so be it. I think it makes me a realist. There was a series with the Phillies, we were down by like 7 games at the time, and I thought to myself, if we can just sweep, if only we can sweep…Then we turned around and got swept. Season Over.

To continue the “V for Vendetta” theme, good guys wind, bad guys lose, and as always, England prevails.

Except in this case it goes more like…Other team wins, Mets lose, and as always, the Mets fail.

Ok, so having said all of that, where do we go from here. How do we even begin to start to fix this.

I think that a few things absolutely have to happen.

The first of which, like the video above, is Heads Need to Roll.

Omar Minaya is not a good GM. Period. He is inept, he is a bumbling, stumbling train wreck.

He was handed Johan Santana on a silver platter, it was not a stroke of Managerial Genius.

Omar Minaya needs to be fired. Assistant GM John Ricco needs to be made the GM.

Jerry Manuel needs to be fired. Sorry Jerry, I think you are a nice guy. I think that you do, for the most part a good job. But the lack of discipline, the general laziness that this team played with all year, even when they were still in it, has to fall on you. Sorry Gangsta, ya gotta go.

Howard Johnson can stay as hitting coach. Dan Warthen I guess is good enough to remain the pitching coach. There is only so much you can do when you are handed Oliver Perez and told to make him your #3 starter, refer to the statements regarding Omar Minaya above.

As far as player moves go, this team needs to be built on pitching and defense. I don’t care about home run totals. A healthy David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, and Jeff Francouer for the season will improve the offense.

We need either a Left Fielder or a First Basemen. I would be thrilled with Matt Holliday, I would die if we could find a way to bring in Prince Fielder. But aside from those two, give me some players who play hard, and can hit and run a bit and I will be happy. Luis Castillo needs to go. Find a way to move him, pay him if you have to. I don’t care. We need an Orlando Hudson type.

The money needs to be spent on pitching. We need some guns, both in the rotation and the bullpen.

We need a solid, legitimate #2 starter. John Lackey fits that mold. We need pitchers. We need power arms that are relatively young and can solidify this rotation.

We need a team that can limit the damage, keep the ball in our huge park and throw deep in games. I have always like Jon Garland. Give me a John Lackey, John Garland, and maybe like a Doug Davis type to match up with what we currently have:


This season has been a vast, immesurable disappointment. We need to wipe this entire slate clean, we need a fresh start. March 2010 needs to feel like we are starting over completely fresh. I hate you New York Mets. Don’t make me regret not throwing in the towel and becoming a full-time Twins fan. I am still here. Don’t make me rethink my choice.


My Terrible Sports Weekend

Brockport blows a lead with 10 seconds remaining to Montclair State to lose home coming. Awesome

Penn State gets embarasses on national TV to the same team that knocked them out of the National Title hunt last year. Mega Awesome.

Tampa Bay gets 86 yards of total offense and doesn’t record a first down until mid way through the 3rd quarter (luckily my Bucs fandom is coming to an end). Mega-ly Awesome.

I lose in two fantasy football leagues. Way Mega-ly Awesome.

and I go from winning in the fantasy baseball championship, to losing in my fantasy baseball championship. Luckily it is a two week championship so I still have time.

The weekend wasn’t a complete bust however.

We Are…Penn State

Due to the the nations overwhelming need to watch East Carolina v. North Carolina last week, we are now entering week four of the College Football season and I have yet to watch my guys.

Luckily for this guy, not only do I get to watch my guys, but I get to watch them in Primetime after a day of College Gameday broadcast from State College.

And on top of all of that, we are playing Iowa, who until last year I never had a reason to hate. Then, they ruined (Roo-EEE-nd) my perfect season last year. Ruined my chance to be embaressed in the National Championship game instead of just the Rose Bowl.

Now Iowa, you have been added to the list of teams that I hate. Say “Hi” to Michigan, Ohio State and Minnesota for me.

We Are

Penn State

Your 2009 New York Mets


The ghost ship that is the New York Mets continues to drift aimlessly around the National League, its crew having all but abandoned it, a lamentable calm having descended over its decks.

No more honest words have ever been spoken. I stopped watching months ago. Clean-house, top to bottom. Omar, you had your chance to prove that you are capable of doing this, your clearly not.

There is more to putting together a championship club than the big-splash trade/free-agent.

Beltran, good move
Santana, good move…

No doubt about it. It’s the little things, the smaller pieces that make up a roster where he continually falls on his face.

Clean house

EDI 603- Ethics for Assessment

Personal Code of Ethics for Assessment

1. Accommodating Students with Disabilities: assessment modifications/ accommodations

In order to present an effective inclusive classroom, I as the instructor will have to craft assessments that touch on all forms of intelligences while at the same time being fair for all students. So often we hear the phrase: “Inclusion can work, when it’s done right”… It’s done right when time and care are taken to ensure that all students are being offered an opportunity to succeed and display their true intelligence.

2. To interpret students’ performance on one assessment by considering the results from other assessments (pg.92)

If I were to be judged to be worthy for qualification into the Teacher Education Program at SUNY Brockport based on my performance on a test that I took on my worst day, I would be washing dishes for a living (although, having said that, who would have known that a 2-year old could create so many dishes). Everyone has a bad day and there are times where it is necessary to consider a students’ track record when considering their score on an assessment.

3. To interpret a students’ performance as a way of evaluating his attainment of learning targets rather than as a weapon for punishing or controlling students’ behavior (pg.92)

Using the fear of passing an assessment as a form of motivation plays on a dangerous double edged sword. Getting students motivated to pay attention, or to study by inspiring fear may be effective at times, with certain students. However, that effectiveness is often overshadowed by the anxiety that it will inspire in students who we are looking to teach, not scare.

4. To score student responses accurately (pg. 90)

This is basically self-explanatory. If we are going to give assessments, no matter the form, we owe it to ourselves and our students to score their responses correctly. This can range from using an answer key for multiple choice questions to applying a rubric to short answer or essay responses.

5. To take my students culture, upbringing, family history and environment into account when creating and administering an assessment

There is more to education than simply teaching tests, gaining knowledge and passing standardized assessments. To Teach is to know both ourselves and those who we are trying to influence. We cannot do this if we do not know who our students are, what they can bring to the proverbial table from their own lives and how what they have experienced through the lens of their lives has shaped who and what they are. If we teach only to get people from point A to point B as quickly and cheaply as possibly, we fall flat on our faces in terms of solving the very real, and very tragic problems that face our education system and our students. We are teachers. We do what we are.