The Punch

How do I stay awake for the vast majority of this game and then not stay awake for what could clearly be defined as the best part?

As inappropriate as Blount’s actions were, the Boise State player had absolutely no business yelling in his face, which is what led to him getting snuck in is damned jaw.

Rule of thumb for future reference, if you sneak away with a win from a top 25 opponent who struggled getting used to a new offensive system, and the tailback from that team set a school record for touchdowns the previous year, and he just got back from Florida where he was mourning a death in the family, and he is clearly upset, you don’t yell stuff in his face after the game, especially when he is bigger than you, even if you are a defensive end and he is a tail back.

Unless of course, you want to get snuck in your damned jaw. Good work my friend, good work.


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