This Is What We Are Fighting Against

These people are so far out in Right Field, they cannot tell down from up or up from down. They are not sure what they are protesting about and what they support.

You hypocritic morons, you are holding protests (A Government insured RIGHT!) on PUBLIC LAND.

So the Right complains that the agenda is being forced down their throats. The Left complains that Obama and the Senate are being too nice to the Right and NOT shoving legislation down their throats…cause we won, and elections matter.

I say Obama takes the Half-Blood Prince’s advice and shove a Bezoar down their throats, or Health Care.

They are going to hate him no matter what he does, so do what is best for all of us and don’t worry about what these marginalized morons are going to shout about.

It is all thinly veiled racism anyways.


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