Why I Love Joe

Here is an exchange from Joe’s press conference this week where what I can only assume is a fairly new reporter asked him how he feels about his 5th ranked team as compared to other top ranked teams that he has had in the 6,000 years that he has been coaching:

I imagine you don’t pay attention to rankings too much, national rankings, but being No. 5 in the country do you ever compare your team’s development to other teams?

Paterno: No, don’t get me into that. I don’t know what we are, for crying out loud. Geez, that’s the same thing — hey, I honest to God, are we No. 5 is that what you’re telling me?


Paterno: I don’t know that we’re No. 5. You guys don’t seem to understand, I don’t pay — I don’t read anything about us. I get the paper. I go to the bathroom. I take the paper in there and I scan it. I look at it. The first thing I do is look at who died. All right. Second thing I look at are headliners, something that says Paterno is the greatest, I read it. (Laughter) If it says I’m a bum, I don’t even look at it.

This is why I love Joe.

Seriously, I love Joe.


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