What I Learned This Weekend…

I learned that Buffalo Bills fans, as a group, are the most dedicated people on the planet. Period.

They love their team more than I have ever loved anything. It was a life experience spending eight hours in a parking lot surrounded by people who love a thing so much they simply cannot find enough ways to display it.

Take the above picture for example. He is literally wearing a Bills hat, Bills sunglasses, Bills jersey, Bills t-shirt under his jersey, and I didn’t check his underwear but I am going to assume they were Bills.

What I took away from the game is that to be that blindly in love with a thing, while wonderful for the person blindly in love, looks really stupid from the outside looking in.

I reminded my Bills fan brothers, as we were walking back to the car following the stomping of my Buccaneers at the hands of said Bills, that Emerson said: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of simple minds”

They responded, simultaneously…”Fuck Emerson, Go Bills”

Never stop believing Buffalo. Never.


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