The End of an Era

In November of 2007, Nick Warner moved into my basement.

I was at the lowest point on my life. I could have easily sunk into the blackness that was threatening to crush the life out of me. The weight of my life had come crashing down around my head, and a four-month old, blue eyed baby was the only thing keeping me from drowning.

Nick moved in, and our house which easily could have been my tomb, became a place of laughter, love and happiness.

Nick brings laughter and joy to every place he travels. For two years he has called my house, his home and I am better for it.

Nick’s reasons for leaving are some of the best that I can think of. He leaves with smiles and hugs.

Our house will be a little quieter, a little less joyful, and a little less organized without him.

Thank you brother for holding me up when I thought I could not make it.

I will always be indebted to you, and you will always have a home at 159 South Avenue.

Love you Nick


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