603-Unit Assessment Proposal

The unit of study that I plan on assessing will be a United States History (11th grade) unit on the Civil War. Including the causes and consequences of the war. The students will have received information through a number of differentiated lessons ranging from observing and reporting back on a popular film (“Glory”) as well as interactive lessons using the Internet, field trips, and traditional lectures. The mode of assessment that I will be utilizing will be a multi-layered traditional assessment that will include multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. I will use either a thematic essay or a document based essay on the exam.

The ultimate goal will be to give students some grasp of the depth and significance of the events being discussed while preparing them for the U.S. Regents exam which will be of a similar type. Other variations of Assessment For Learning will be applied during the unit.


Medicare Part ‘E’

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Call it whatever you want. We need this.

Avi had an ear infection last week. They tend to be very bad. No co-pay for the visit. No cost for the prescription. My 2-year old is happy and healthy and the only thing I had to pay was in gas to get to the doctors. Thank you Government Run Child Health Plus.

Keep up the good work Keith.

Thank You, People of Minnesota

I cannot picture Norm effing Coleman doing anything near this. Franken is aweosme.

Between him and Alan Greyson, finally we have some Democrats who are not afraid of their own shadows. We have 60% majorities in both houses, and we have the White House. Why then Senator Harry Reid, do you continue to act like we owe something to the opposition.

Grow a spine, or as Alan Greyson would say, Get out of the way.

You can lead, you can follow, or you can get out of the way.


Barring something crazy happening, like Alex Rodriguez remembering that he is Alex Rodriguez and not Lou Gehrig, we are going to have ourselves a Phillies-Yankees World Series.

Seeing as the Mets have been out of the hunt for the Championship since, oh I don’t know, 2006…I have had plenty of time to think about which team I would like to see win it.

I typically root for underdogs. I think it is part of my Irish heritage. We are natural underdogs.

But the Phillies are the the reigning champions and the Yankees are the Yankees. There is no team to naturally cheer for.

I came into my Met fandom far too late for the Braves to be my mortal enemy. I loath the Marlins and everything about them. From the huge, empty stadium, to their business plan that has them groom top tier talent to win a championship, and then sell everyone off all while keeping their payroll under 20 million.

I hate the Phillies. I hate their fans. I hate their uniforms. I hate their mascot. I hate their slob of a manager.

I hate that the Mets are not more like them.

There, I said it.

The Phillies are everything that I wish the Mets were.

They have likable star players. How can anyone hate Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Raul Ibanez or Chase Utley.

Notice I didn’t mention Frodo Victorino. I hate him still.

They have homegrown talent.

Their GM knows how to make impact trades (see Cliff Lee)

Their stadium is not a tribute to a team that resides 3000 miles away.

They have dominant starting pitching.

and perhaps most importantly, THEY PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES (thanks Herm)

They play freaking hard. They are cocky and arrogant and I love it. The Mets have never played like that as long as I have been watching.

I am jealous.

And I will be cheering for the Phills.