Epic Fail

The 2009 New York Mets were a failure of Epic Proportions. Two words define everything that this team was. Epic. Fail.

Look, I understand as a sports fan that your team is not going to win every game, every year. I get that.

If I were a Minnesota Twins fan, and trust me, I have had to do some serious soul searching as to whether that is a switch I should make, I would be be completely happy with a team that just competed. I would be thrilled that the Twins find themselves in a one game playoff today. Hell, I am thrilled. I can’t wait to watch that game, but I digress.

The fact is, I am a New York Mets fan. I can’t help but read Metsblog. I can’t help but care what happens with this team.

It is this inability of mine to let go that led me to both read and watch what transpired yesterday.

And what transpired yesterday was a whole lot of nothing. I repeat…A Whole Lot of Nothing.

Jeff Wilpon, in his press conference yesterday characterized what happened this year as “Unacceptable”

And then to prove what, in the Bizzaro World that the New York Mets exist in, can be defined as Unacceptable, Wilpon and his father who played the role of Bernine Maddoff’s doormat this summer, endorsed both Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel for the 2010 season.

This is the same Omar Minaya who has botched this team’s roster for three years. The same Omar Minaya who mistakenly believes that trading for Johan Santana and signing Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez some how makes up for the laundry list of EPIC FAILS that he is responsible for…a list that includes

Oliver Perez 3yrs/36 Million
Moises Alou
Luis Castillo

The Daniel Murphy can play Left Field experiment

The utter failure of the minor league system

Tony Bernazard

Heath Bell

Matt Lindsrom

And on and on and on…

Omar Minaya is a bumbling moron, which has nothing to do with the fact that he has a limited grasp of the English language. The dude could speak Portuguese and only Portuguese if he could compile a competitive roster.

And Jerry Manuel. Jerry Friggen Manuel.

Jerry, who I realize was forced to manage with one arm tied behind his back, thanks in no small part to what Omar Minaya considers a Major League roster (See Above).

But like David Wright, who failed EPICALLY to rise to the occasion and lead this team, Jerry Manuel wilted when the pressure was on. As players started to get hurt, and the team faced increasing adversity this season, instead of rallying his troops and playing hard, sound baseball, Jerry’s boys played less disciplined, appeared to give up and not care what the outcome was.

From base running blunders, to dropped pop-ups. Blown leads and walk-off grand slams, the 2009 New York Mets found new and increasingly embarrassing ways to fail. Epically.

And as the pressure increased, where a good manager would have taken this burden upon himself, and demanded a higher level of baseball be played. Jerry laughed through post game pressers. He laid blame at other’s feet. He said he had players who were not major league ready playing roles that were larger then they were ready for.

Guess what Jerry, that means two things.

1. Omar Minaya failed. Epically. To put together a major league roster.

2. You Jerry, failed to get the most out of these players. To get the absolute best of out all 25 men on your roster. You failed. And then you laughed about it. Then you were given another year to “fix” what is wrong.

The larger point is that there is no “Fix” for what is wrong with this team. You cannot fix the problem by giving the wheel to the same men who drove this bus off the cliff.

Jerry, Omar…

They only do it because they love me, Right? *He said with mascara tear stains running down his cheeks*


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