Playoff Baseball

This is why I watch baseball. Last night was awesome. I am not a full-time Twins fan by any stretch. But living in Rochester, it is easy to cheer for a team when you watched more than half their roster come through our AAA club. Guys I have watched in person were major contributors last night. The list includes, but is not limited to Alexi Casilla, Scott Baker, Michael Cuddyer, Jesse Crain, Matt Tolbert and many more.

This was an incredible game and was simply too much fun. I paid little to no attention in my class last night as I followed the game on my phone. Sorry Professor.

So now the Twins, who found themselves three games out of first with four games to play will now face off against the HATED NY Yankees at 6:00 pm today. Every rational measure of talent and advantage has the Yankees walking away with this thing.

The Twins went 0-7 against them this year.

I am not going to say that I think the Twins will win this thing. All I will say is if they can manage a split in NY and get back to Minnesota tied, it could get interesting. Sabathia is the only pitcher the Yanks have that I would declare as a hands down favorite to win. A.J. Burnett and Andy Petitte are in no way sure things this week.

I will say only this, The Twins have absolutely no pressure on them. They were supposed to be planning their vacations and cleaning out their lockers right now. Instead they are boarding a plane and getting ready to take on the most hated franchise in sports. They really Can’t lose, no matter the outcome.

I have some thoughts on Twins Catcher, and general heart-throb (Terry’s Man-Crush, or one of the many) Joe Mauer and his “Inevitable” transition to Pin Stripes, but I’ll save it for later.

Right now, I am just ready to watch some baseball.


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