Ohio State Hate Week

So we find ourselves here. Ohio State Hate week. The sad part for me is that there is very little riding on this game. Ohio State is not who I thought they would be at this point, and Penn State having lost to Iowa, you know, the team that cannot lose, is probably out of Rose Bowl contention.

That all being said, I still hate Ohio State. Two weeks ago I was forced to listen as ESPN analyst and former GM of the 0-17 Detroit Lions pronounced that Michigan freshman Tate Forcier is the best quarterback in the Big Ten. That would include Daryl Clark. What happened? Clark went out and threw for four TDs en route to a drubbing of the one mighty Wolverines, in their house.

What is going to happen on Saturday when Ohio State comes to Happy Valley? I will call it now, the ABC broadcast team will fall all over themselves proclaiming Tyrell Prior the next great thing in College Football. The outcome, Penn State is going to house them. Daryl Clark will again prove that he is the best QB in the big ten.

I hate Ohio State. I love that we never get credit for being as good as we are.



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