Hilton Football

I don’t know why this is bothering me as much as it is, but it really is.

I was on my way to class last night and as I pulled out of the driveway I turned to Hot Talk 1280 WHTK to listen to John DiTuillio’s Show. It took me a minute to comprehend what it was I was hearing.

What I heard was a caller named “Kevin” from Hilton, who was blasting the Hilton football coaching staff and saying things such as “They get the least out of the best players”. John, the host, then went on to ask “Kevin” if he played football at Hilton. To which the caller replied “Yes, quarterback, flanker and defensive back”.

Now, it does not take a genius to connect the dots here.

In my years of playing at Hilton, and in subsequent years watching, there have absolutely been moments when I have questioned some of the decisions. The coaches have at times been slow to respond to the way the game has changed.

It is however, unquestionable that I am a better person for having played for them. And they absolutely got every ounce of atheletic talent out of me.

There is something to be said for doing things the right way.

If the Hilton football coaches made any misuse of player ability when it came to Kevin it was that his ass should have been playing reciever while Mike Mikolaichik, whose father appearantly had less pull, started at quarterback for two years.

I will remind the reader that Mike Mikolaichik went on to play four years of college football (something that cannot be said for Mr. Nichols, who was always “trying out for so and so, or getting a full ride to such and such”) and multiple years with the Rochester Raiders.

Once again, I do not know why this has upset me as much as it has. Perhaps it is because I hold those years of my life in such high regard, and those men who coached me in an equally high regard.

I promptly emailed John DiTuillio to correct the record. Someone emailed the show as I was pulling into Brockport and stated that “That caller must have had an axe to grind”. Although true, the irony of that statement is that anyone who played with Kevin absolutely has an axe to grind.

As I have grown up and become a (young) adult, some of the luster that coated my memories of my football coaches, from Vince Lombardi through college, has worn off. I have come to realize that they are people, like all of us, who have the same flaws as anyone else. Having said that, the men who coached an helped shape this writer, while we were on the field, were among the best in the world.

Be careful what you say when you call into a radio station, you never know who might be listening.


3 comments on “Hilton Football

  1. kevin says:

    its funny to me that you end with be careful with what you say…..someone might be told of this blog im guessing 3 years after the fact, of one terry gilmore having specific quotes against me. now it def doesn’t take a genius to realize that it was in fact me that had those things to say about hilton coaches.what i do have a problem with is that it was me taking up for duell smith and and coming to his defense and thats it. now as i read i still see some inaccuracies in some of your statements. yes i should have been at receiver mike was a much better qb then me and the funny thing was as an 18 year old kid i had enough smarts to tell your coaches that. yet again makes my argument of coaches that have little clue where talent lies. now as for someones dad having pull dont worry lived with that my whole life……and if you actually believe that which i doubt you do is a moronic statement within itself. now as a family that i know and respect(the gilmores) i have come to realize that you had no idea of what i was actually talking about. so i guess before the 3 people that have actually been to this site (im number 3 of course) i suggest you you take your own advice and ill end it like you did……..you never know whos listening.

    • terry4505 says:


      Let me start this by sincerely apologizing if what I said offended you. Like you said, it was almost three years ago that I wrote that and I believe I have changed a lot since then.

      When I started writing this blog almost 5 years ago, I never intended to use this space to personally attack any one, especially someone I know. When I heard what you said on the radio that day (I don’t remember the part about defending Duell Smith) I was fired up and let my anger get the better of me and I said some things that were hurtful and unnecessary.

      Having said that, I do stand by what I said in regards to the Hilton coaches. I think there are a lot a of areas in which they could improve (game planning, weight training, in game strategy etc.) But as coaches of young men, I think that they are unparalleled.

      When I heard you call John’s show and say what you said, it felt to me like breaking the code. Like “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” except sub in Hilton Football. It felt like a weaselly move and I got pissed about it.

      You are right, I should listen to my own words and be aware of who is reading/listening. Except, as you go on to point out, only 3 people (you being the 3rd) have ever wandered to this site. So what I said (which I have already stated was inappropriate and apologized for) was really only shared with myself and the two other fools who have stumbled upon this blog. Whereas you chose to air dirty laundry over public airwaves.

      At the time that I wrote that, I hadn’t seen you in years and I made inaccurate assumptions about you and where you were with your life based off of a 30 second phone conversation on the radio. Having seen you at John and Candace’s wedding, a father and husband. I realized just how wrong in those assumptions I was.

      I stand by what I said, I felt, and still feel that what you said on the radio was unnecessary. I also sincerely apologize for what I said about you personally. If I could take it back I would, and if deleting the post would fix this situation, I will do that too.

      I was at Nick Warner’s wedding a few weeks ago and Larry Minch’s wife stopped me, crying, to tell me that she read what I wrote after Mike Mikolaichik’s brother died and how much it meant to her. She found the post by googling “Mike Mikolaichik”… It hit me then (and again this morning when I read your comment) how accessible what I write here is. I have tried to be more aware of that as I have written.

      Once again, I apologize. I regret writing what I did and I am sorry that it hurt you.


      • kevin says:

        terry, i appreciate your honesty and sincere apologies……i do not want you to take this down as i was not offended and it is and was your opinion at that time and i would be a fool to not let you voice your opinion as i did mine. i was told of this site through a third party that we both know.the three people of course was tongue and cheek. i will agree with you and have always said that the coaches have molded many kids lives for the better, and that my remarks were strictly football related. now in light of our conversation i do respect you as i would anyone for merely voicing there own opinion, and would never have any animosity towards you or anything like that. by just this conversation alone i can tell how much we have both grown up through these years and wish nothing but the best for you…..again i appreciate your honesty more than anything.

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