The Golden Boy

It is no secret that I hate Jimmy Clausen. I think he is a whinny little prick. I have thought he was overrated and overhyped from the day his spiked head stepped out of the Hummer strech limo on national television to announce that he was going to save Notre Dame from the doldrums of Division I futility.

In three years he has done nothing of the sort. ND has lost big game after big game, but somehow, because they are Notre Dame, and people grew up watching their dads watching Notre Dame, they remain in the national spot-light, every year.

Following Saturday’s thrilling last second victory, the conversation was not about Stanford and their Heisman Trophy candidate running back Toby Gerhart…

What was left out of this highlight was Gerhart absolutly Beasting the saftey for Notre Dame that left the young golden domer searching the field for his displaced dignity.

I enjoy few things more in sports than watching Notre Dame suffer. This was awesome.

That black eye is symbolic of all the unfufilled promises of Jimmy Clausen’s tenure with the Irish.


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