One nice thing about the continued existence of the BCS is that there is a ton of new images that I can use for my yearly “The BCS Sucks” post.

This time a year ago I wrote This which stated in no uncertain terms my hatred of the system that we have.

This year is no different. In a way, this year is worse.

Defenders of the BCS will state that it has accomplished its ultimate goal of pitting #1 vs #2 in a battle that will end all battles. In this sense, yes they succeeded.

But in their success, we see the failure of this system, the short comings that define why we need a playoff.

Are #1 and #2 playing each other, yes. But are the two best teams in the country playing each other, I do not know.

The BCS claims that if we had a playoff, the “most exciting regular season in sports” would be ruined (Roo-eeend of course). I say bullshit. I say this year’s regular season was boring, we knew 5 weeks ago that if Texas won out they would be playing either Alabama or Florida in the National Championship Game. There has been zero drama (until Saturday when both Pitt and Nebraska threatened to throw the whole thing into chaos).

Really, the regular season means nothing, because if you are not one of the anointed teams, one of the chosen few who if you win, you go, you are going to be left on the outside looking in.

TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati might as well have not played a game this year, because winning all of them meant nothing. It meant NOTHING. And what if Texas looks like it did Saturday (which was terrible) but squeaks out a win over Alabama. And TCU crushes their opponent in their game. What then? Is Texas the National Champion because a computer says so, or does TCU, or Boise State, or Cincinnati deserve a share?

The system is a joke and it does not work. I am thrilled that Penn State did not go 11-0 this year, because you can bet your ass if they had, I would be screaming my effing head off for the next month about how we got screwed, because there is no way they would be playing Alabama instead of Texas.

We need an 8 team playoff. It simply has to happen. Thank good I am not the only one who thinks so

I enjoyed this season. I am disappointed that PSU (I am looking at you Daryll Clark) crumbled under the national spotlight.

I am looking forward to New Years Day, Penn State plays LSU (yes Kate, LSU) in the Capital One Bowl (so at least I know where all my money goes with those insane interest rates). I am also excited for the Rose Bowl, which is traditionally my favorite bowl (my second favorite Civil Engineer…sorry, random movie quote) and watching Oregon complete their comeback from their opening Thursday night embarrassment at the hands of Boise, you remember this one for this:

I will be looking for Oregon to embarrass Ohio State in yet another BCS meltdown for the sweater vest.

Because everyone knows, if there is one thing I hate…It’s Ohio State.

I am happy for Oregon, and I really hope that LaGarett Blount has turned his life around.

And yes, I realize the irony of my loving Penn State in part because they have remained true to their very boring, very traditional uniforms. While at the same time, loving Oregon, whose uniform changes are borderline schizophrenic.

The next few weeks will be interesting. No doubt about it.

Colt McCoy wins the Heisman, even though Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart are more deserving.


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