The Winter Meetings

So yesterday kicked off Major League Baseball’s annual Winter Meetings. Which basically consists of a bunch of old guys haning out in a hotel (this year in Indy) talking potential trades and free agent signings. I emphasize potential becuse for all the HTML that is going to be spilled over the next few days, a lot less is going to be accomplished.

I am cautiously optimistic about the Mets’ offseason plan. I think that Omar Minaya has an opportunity to rectify a lot of the mistakes he has made in the past. And given the current financial climate, a team in NY has a decided advantage over teams who do no currently have that type of financial flexibilty.

So far, I have like a lot of what I have heard.

The Mets need a Starting Pitcher, a Catcher (that won’t block Josh Thole for the next 3 years), a first baseman (who won’t block Ike Davis for the next three years, a second baseman (if Omar can unload is second worse signing, Luis Castillo) an everyday Left Fielder (and unless this person is Matt Holliday, I want someone who won’t block Fernando Martinez for the next 4 years).

And we could use help in the bull-pen.

I realize that this is a ton to ask, and most of these areas will not be addressed until January of February if at all.

The fact remains, if the Mets can get their core players healthy, they will have a solid lineup, regardless of what Omar does with position players.


is a solid foundation. A big bat for either First Base or Left Field would be clutch.

There is a real possibility of the Mets entering 2011 with a completely home-grown infield (Wright, Reyes, Reese Havens, Ike Davis, Josh Thole) which would be clutch.

The Mets finally have some up and coming players in the upper levels of the Minor Leagues

The rotation is a completely different animal altogether.

Right now it stands at


This simply is not good enough. We could use a legitimate #2 and #3 starter.

If Omar could bring in Randy Wolf, along with one of Jason Marquis, Doug Davis, or John Garland, this would be a start.

I would be all for a trade that sent Luis Castillo to KC (sorry Drew) and brought Gil Meche to NYC.

A rotation of:


would be something I could live with.

The Pen is going to be an issue. Beyond K-Rod and Perpetual Pedro Feliciano, I have no idea what we have down there.

Needless to say, Omar Minaya has his hands full, and I have almost no faith that he has the capacity to get this done. I will say that I am pleased to see and hear almost nothing from him in recent weeks. Lock yourself in your office Omar and fix this mess.

Let Go Mets

If you are as interested in following this as I am…

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I can’t imagine someone caring as much as I do


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