Really Quickly

I just listened to the Director of the BCS on the Scott Van Pelt show on ESPN Radio

Both Scott and his co-host Ryen are all for a playoff, and they pulled no punches with their questions for the BCS douche.

I was happy to see that all of his reasons for why the BCS is the greatest thing ever were exactly what I cited Here…

He had the “It will ruin the most exciting regular season in sports” excuse

He had the “We talk to the commishoners of the conferences and this is what they want” excuse”

He had the “No system is perfect but this what we have” excuse

I have two points in response…

a.) How effing exciting was it knowing for the last 3 months that if Texas won out they played the winner of Alabama/Floria in the National Championship game.

b.) Why don’t you ask Boise State, or Cincinnati, or TCU how exciting their regular seasons were, because they could have sent out the god dammned JV team the last 6 weeks for all the difference it made in their ability to control their own destiny and play meaningful games in November and January.

This system is a joke, and the morons who cling to it, continuing to parrot the same b.s. excuses for why this is what we have and there is nothing we can do about it can blow me.

How do I explain to my child in 30 years when someone finally wises up and allows teams to Play Out who is the best in the country “well Avi, you see, back in 2009, we thought it would be better to maintain an arcane, nonsensicle bowl system because of the nostalgia of it, than to do what made sense (AND MONEY) for everyone”

I’m in a foul mood.


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