And the Band Plays On

And this… in a nutshell describes everything that I think is wrong with the New York Mets.

Matt Cerrone is always talking about how the Mets lack a clear focus, which they do.

They have a serious failure of communications both within the organization and with getting thier message out to the fans.

There are times where I seriously wonder if they think at all before making moves.

My judgement of Omar Minaya would be considerd on the negative end of the “How Much Do You Love Omar Minaya” scale.

I think that he is a bumbling idiot. I really do. I do not think that Omar is an idiot because he botches the English language. I think he botches the English Language because he is an idiot, and would botch any language. I have never heard translations of him speaking Spanish, but my guess would be that he sounds like an idiot in any language, because he is an idiot.

My record on how I feel about Omar has been document pretty throughly, here, here, and here…I hate the guy.

I think that he has had opportunites fall into his lap more often than he has made smart moves.

The fact is, had the Yankees and Red Sox not dropped out (partly for fear of Santana’s arm falling off, which it did) there is no way Omar gets him.

He has done one thing well, and that has been spending Jeff and Fred’s money. He goes out and gets big free agents. Which I think he will do again this winter.

I believe we will end up with Matt Holliday or Jason Bay as well as John Lackey and possibly Jason Marquis, all of which I would be ok with.

What he wont do is use his finacial clout the way Brian Cashman does to spin two prospects into an All-Star Center Fielder or the way Theo Epstein uses his superior ability to manipulate other teams into taking his garbage.

Omar does none of this, because he doesn’t know how to.

When the book is finally closed on the Omar Minaya era in Mets history, it will be a story of missed opportunity and failure.

The sad thing for me is that we are going to have had a tiny window in which to enjoy David Wright, Jose Reyes, Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez all in their prime. We are going to waste that opportunity because although Omar had the brain to put these players on the same roster, he has failed miserably to manage the other 20 players on the roster.

I have done a good job of managing my expectations this winter.

I still think (see how I didn’t say believe, I said “think”) that he will land a few of the biggest names out there this winter.

I think that in the past he has done a good job filling major holes with big-time free agents (see Beltran, Pedro, K-Rod, Santana, Delgado, etc. etc..) and our two biggest needs right now are Left Field and Starting Pitcher.

It would not shock me to see Matt Holliday and John Lackey as Mets next year. If Jason Bay goes back to Boston, it really only makes sense. I just don’t see teams having that kind of money to spend, whereas Omar is looking at around 20-30 million in payroll flexibility.

If they went cheeper, signed a few of Jason Marquis, Doug Davis, John Garland as SP and Mike Cameron or someone like that for LF, I could also live with that and see it happening.

Either way, I have ZERO faith in this guy.


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