My Heisman Choice

The Major League baseball writers got it right this year.

They ignored arcane ways of chosing the major awards winners, chosing instead to look at actual stats to decide who was most deserving. In years past, we would have had the leader in wins in both leagues honored with the Cy Young, because in the past, if you won games, you were the best pitcher, because sports are about winning.

This year the writers decided maybe that isn’t the best way to decide who is the best. Considering even in the National League, where pitchers hit, they have almost zero impact on the number of runs their team scores, and if their team doesn’t score, they cannot win.

Wins are a borderline meaningless stat in judging the effectivness of a pitcher, a fact that it would appear the writers realized this year.

The problem is, as the BCS has shown, College Football is way behind the times.

There have been drastic changes that have taken place in recent years in College Football, and no factor has had a larger impact that the widespread broadcasting of games on Cable.

If you are determined, you can find virtually every game on TV on any given Saturday. This has been a major cause for recent success of smaller programs in Florida, Texas and Califorina to name a few. Why would a kid choose to go to College in Indiana, or Iowa, when they can play for South Floria and play in SOUTH FLORIDA, getting the same amount of major coverage, and having an equal opportunity to play at the next level (The Dallas Cowboys best defensive player went to Troy).

Because of this, we have greater access to players who are having HEISMAN type seasons that may have flown under the radar in the past.

This year, the two best players in the country were Stanford’s Toby Gerhart and Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh.

But neither of them plays for Florida, or Texas, or Alabama, so neither of them will walk out of NYC with the hardware tomorrow night. Even if they deserve it more.

The Heisman voters need to do what the Baseball Writers have, and catch up with the times. Award the most deserving player, not the guy who plays for the best team.


This is my guy.

Please Tampa Bay, Draft this dude.


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