Peter Says Goodbye

Peter Gammons officially said goodbye to ESPN.

I see this only as a positive. With the introduction of the MLB Network last year, the only reason I watch ESPN now is for the actual games.

I have no use for a network that is so hungry for ratings and total market domination that they have forgone sports journalism for and Entertainment Tonight.

I don’t care about breaking developments in the Tiger Woods Saga. I want highlights, and injury news, and information related to what happens on the field.

I am not dumb enough to not know that this crap gets ratings, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

But I don’t have to watch it.

So good for you Peter.

I was in Fenway days after his life threatening anurism. The place went crazy when they announced he was going to be ok.

Peter has been the reason I have watched Baseball Tonight for going on 10 years. I am excited to see what he choses to do in his life after ESPN.


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