iPhone Syndrome?

If you know me at all, you know how I feel about the iPhone, and more importantly how I feel about iPhone users. It is a wonderful device that has completely revolutionized what we use our phones for and how we live our lives.

I don’t think we have even begun to scratch the surface of what a “phone” will be able to do for us in the future.

Actually, as someone who lives in a pretty constant state of panic about the inevitable robot revolution, this thought is causing a fairly severe anxiety attack as I type this…but I digress.

I write this because I stumbled upon this… which references this and I found it interesting, and probably true to a degree.

Seeing as I live with someone who suffers greatly from iPhone Syndrome, I have first hand experience dealing with this.

The fact is, iPhone users tend to be snobby and irrational when presented with reasons why their phone does not represent the absolute pinnacle of what a phone can and will be.

I often wonder, what they hell is someone supposed to do with 100,000 apps? How much time would someone have to spend on their phone in a day to be able to appreciate all the apps they have available. They may “Have an app for that”, but when are iPhone-ers supposed to use them?

The most common refrain among iPhone users is that it is not their phone, but the network that is the problem. It turns out that may not be the case.

I hate iPhone users (except the one that I live with)but I love what the iPhone has done to the market place for phones.

I quit on my Blackberry Curve last week, which was a slightly traumatic experience, and purchased an HTC Droid Eris. I preferred this phone over the much hyped Motorola Droid for a number of reasons.

I could not be happier with this phone. It is basically a slimmer, sleaker iPhone available on the superior Verizon network.

The only thing my phone doesn’t do that iPhone does is support iTunes, and with Pandora, and access to my music library at the touch of my finger, I think I will get over it.

If there is one good thing I can say about the iPhone, it is that they have set the bar high, and the competition is rising to the challenge.


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