Blog Updates

So, if you are here you will notice a few small (and some large) changes to The Head.

Out is the orange layout. I loved it in the fall, but it felt like it needed a fresh coat of paint.

If you look to your immediate left and scroll down a bit, you will see I added a “Followers” widget, which shows who is following the blog. If you come here often, or even every once in a while and have a google account (I don’t know if you even have to have a google account, I think Yahoo works as well) set up a profile and Follow so I know who is out there. I think it will help with the community feel of the blog.

The whole purpose of this space, at its inception and as it continues today, is to give me a place to empty my head of all the thoughts that are floating in there, freeing me up to be a bit more sane on a day to day basis (I picture some like a digital version of Dumbledore and his Pensive)

And I continue to be pleased with how it has worked for the space it has created in my head.

It is definately more fun when we get some back and forth going. I love hearing what people feel about what I am writing. In an effort to please the masses…I added a One Click option at the bottom of each post so I know what people are thinking.

I also took Danielle’s advice and added Labels to each post. Now on the Left Sidebar you will see a list of labels that will help with sorting through what ever the hell I am typing about. I am in the process of going through my posts and labeling all 604 of them. (Check out D’s blog, she is mucho excited)

Student Teaching starts in a few weeks, and as always, the unknown is causing slight to major anxiety. I don’t know how the new schedule will effect (you know, I never know whether to type ‘effect’ or ‘affect’, I just guess) on my ability to spill my brain’s contents here.


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