College Football Playoff

So I meant to write about this last week when I saw it, but it slipped my mind.

I think if you are reading this you know how I feel about the BCS and the B.S. that it is.

So I stumbled across this article, written by Bill Hancock who is the executive director the the BCS.

He starts his Opus by stating that: “Perhaps the best reason for supporting the BCS can be summed up in three words: every game counts.”

It is at this point that I have to decide, do I label this post under “Comedy” as well as “College Football”

The best part of the article is the comments at the end (one thing I love about HuffPost). One commenter wins the prize for best comment when they said “In what week of the regular season playoff was Boise St. eliminated, Mr. Hancock?”

Then I stumbled across this… which states about as clearly as anything I have read, how a playoff would work, and why it is necessary.

Until that day, we will have to continue to watch the games that are played, at least until Colt McCoy is hurt and I fall asleep…wait, what? You mean Texas got it within 3 points in the second half? Damn you old age…


One comment on “College Football Playoff

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