I have realized as I have been labeling these old posts that there is not a whole lot I have said about Aviendha.
I need to fix that. Hopefully, now that I am doing a lot more of this from my phone, which doubles as my camera and video camera, a lot more of Aviendha related stuff will creep into this space.

The political discourse has slowed to a crawl, partly because I now count myself among the disillusioned masses. And partly because I have other things on my mind.

Aviendha (whose name, if you don’t know comes from “Wheel of Time” series…pick it up!) Has blossomed into a beautiful, funny, laughing, joking, playing, joy to around. This is not to say she hasn’t always been, but I will always remember the year 2-3 as the year my kid became a kid.

Point of all this being, expect to see a bit more about her going on here, which may help if you are her only paternal uncle, and you and your wife live halfway across the country, but you still want to know what she is up to.

I was at : 628-658 Moul Rd, Hilton, NY 14468,

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