Labeling, Done

So I am done. I have labeled all 616 (and counting) posts that I have made in the last three years.

Clearly, I have talked about politics way too much. I blame the election.

Going forward, I think it is safe to say that politics will have a much more equal distribution with sports, family, movies, music, books, technology, my phone etc, etc…

I am excited about the changes to The Head and how I can incorporate what I do on a day to day basis with this space.

As I am typing this, ESPN Sports Center is on in the background and I am forced to listen to Mark McGuire tell, and retell what he did and did not do, and why he is the victim, and how hard this has all been for him.

Pardon me Mark, if I don’t shed any tears for you. Your neck looks like that of a rooster.

You were a marginal player with a ton of “natural” power. Prove to me that you were not on something when you were hitting bombs in college…

Your career was defined by what outside substances did for your ability to hit for power and keep your breaking down body on the field.

Nothing you, or Tony La Russa says is going to get me to feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for you.

I hate what this has all done to my sport. Thank god no one in the NFL or College Football takes anything illegal…


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