The Pantry

So, we are quickly approaching the three year anniversary of my purchase of the house. In that time I have made a few modest upgrades and gotten the place looking nice enough that I wasn’t completely embarrassed to have Danielle move in.

One of the nagging issues however has been the pantry. It is in the hallway that leads from the entry way of the house into the kitchen, so anyone who walks in, sees what’s there.

When I first bought the house, there was cheap folding doors there, which I hated and promptly removed. In the ensuing two years, the “pantry” has been little more than an open closet space with white metal wire shelves, which looked, frankly, terrible.

Danielle and I have been talking about upgrading the pantry for a while, and the time finally came this weekend.

With some borrowed antique doors from Jaquie, we got started.

In the above picture you can see what the space looked like without the wire shelves. This is me installing the door frame.

Because there were to studs in the wall here, we had to make good use of about three tubes of liquid nails.

We have to screw in the shelves, caulk and paint. Aside from that, we have a really nice looking pantry.

We have yet to decide what we want to do with the color on the doors. There is cracked and chipping white paint on them now, which as far as I am concerned looks great, the problem is, will the next buyers of the house think it looks so “rustic”.

The garbage can and recycling bin go under the newly built cabinet, and I am planning on building a roll-out drawer for them to fit into. This won’t be done this weekend however.

All in all, for less than $100, we ended up with a really nice upgrade and something the two of us are proud of.


Is That All?

We took Avi and Lilah to the zoo Sunday to see the new polar bear, Zero. Although he was awesome, and HUGE (Compared to Aurora)they did not fight like this. Which was of course, unfortunate.

The Health Care Debate

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Danielle worked at New York Presbyterian, on the floor where Mr. Olbermann’s father is receiving treatment. Living with a a health care professional, I know how hard the people with their boots on the ground in this fight are working.

My frustration with the politics of Changing this system has boiled over. I am guessing I feel a lot like this guy:

That is Congressmen Anthony Weiner of NY. And at 6:19 this morning I am at least reassured that someone out there is saying something that I agree with.

I think I may show this clip to my 11th grade U.S. History class this morning, we are starting to cover the Constitution today. How do I honestly teach about how our Government is supposed to work, when it has shown an utter inability to do anything for months.

We are no closer today to comprehensive healthcare reform than we were in the fall when I was frustrated. Mr. Obama, you are losing me. There are precious few issues that will get me angry enough to vote against you or not vote at all in 2012. Health Care, equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation, education, that’s pretty much it. In over a year, you and your administration have done shockingly little on each front.

Crappy Historical Movies, Good Historical Movies

It has been a weird weekend for movies on TV. I have spent most of the weekend inside, playing with Avi and preparing for next week, which means I have found my butt firnly planted on the couch.

I watched “Revolution”, which was an excellent historical film, followed by “The Patriot” which is a terrible historical film.

Then today, I turned on the Disney channel while Avi ate her lunch after an awesome sledding trip, only to find the most awful of awful historical films, “Pocahantas” on. In an amazing turn of events, there is an awesome historical film that deals with the same subject matter on right now, I love “Dances with Wolves” and am even able to forgive the historical inaccuracies and perpetuation of the “Nobel Savage” myth.

I just thought it was interesting.

Is it just me, or does Disney’s Pochahantas look strikingly like Kim Kardashian?

What I Am Reading

Last week I finished the Mistborn Trilogy for the second time.

I am very boring in that I continue to read and re-read the same books over and over when I find something I like, I think this must be genetic.

Anyways, I loved this series even more this time. I have Drew to thank, again, for getting me to read this. I am dedicating myself to reading all 12 books in The Wheel of Time series. I have finally come to grips with the fact that Drew knows what he is talking about when it comes to fantasy books.

Having just watched the utter crap-fest that was Percy Jackson and the Olympians I have little faith in Books to Movies adaptations right now, but the talk of a potential “Mistborn” movie gets me very excited. The way the action in this series is written would translate beautifully to film, it is sort of Harry Potter, meets LORT, meets the Matrix meets Awesome.

One of my favorite things about reading fantasy books is checking out other people’s interpretations of the characters in Fan Art sites. My favorite Harry Potter site is Acciobrain!

Some of the best stuff I have ever drawn/painted has been the Wheel of Time stuff I did for Drew (which I should have him take pictures of so I can post it…Drew, are you reading this?)

The Mistborn artwork that is out there is limited at this point. I have sketched out some Inquisitors, but haven’t had the time to really work on them. I will post a few of my favorites that Google Images was able to pull up.

Sweet Koloss transition

Vin doing her Misborn thing

And finally, my favorite of Vin, hauling around a way-too-big-but-still-bad-ass Koloss sword.