One Week Down

So I am sitting at my (Mr. Savino’s) desk having just finished my first week.

I have taught every class, beginning first thing Monday morning. I didn’t really have a chance to be nervous, as I have taken over right from the beginning.

I have slowly been taking over additional responsibilities such as recording attendance, handling behavior issues and calling parents. So far, I guess so good.

We have, in one week gone from the basics of Geography up to the French and Indian War (“Mr. Gilmore, why do they call it the French and Indian War if the French were not fighting the Indians”, Me-“good friggen question”)

I think we have done a good job hitting on the key historical points. I have also been sure to include those historical tidbits that I think are interesting, such as the Southern accent deriving from a Scotch-Irish dialect.

I am in no way a Master Teacher (like Yoda) at this point. But I think I do have a talent for this stuff.

And I included the picture from “The Patriod”, because as much as I love showing film clips in class (Amistad, Last of the Mohicans, and School House Rocks already this week) I refuse to show anything as blatantly historically inaccurate as that festering pile of crap.


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