Something Something Something Darkside

Watched Family Guy’s Empire Strikes Back spoof last night with The D. Made the mistake of letting Avi watch the first 25 minutes or so, as she was winding down for bedtime and was being totally adorable.

She laughed through most of what she watched, mostly because Danielle and I were laughing so hard. But I think she was confused about this scene. I could tell she was confused when she kept asking me: “Daddy, where Cookie Monster’s arm go?”

Needless to say, I will be a bit more discerning in the future with what she watches. She gets very upset when people get hurt in movies or on TV. So imagine her outrage when Cookie Monster’s arm was chopped off.

I think the genius of the Family Guy Star Wars spoofs is that they do such an incredible job with the visuals. The shots are perfect. Someone clearly took a lot of time making sure they did a good job with it visually.

Although, you could make the argument that the Robot Chicken version is better:

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