Family Guy

I am a huge “Family Guy” fan, but when D and I watched this clip the other day we both looked at each other and said: “Really?”.

I couldn’t get through the whole Fox News clip, because the vortex of stupid that was created when these two were placed side by side was too much for my tiny brain to handle.

But point being, I came away thinking, “Wholly a Molley” (an Avi-ism) I cannot believe I just agreed with The Palin.

Then I came across This…

And I was reminded that it was this same woman who defended Rush Limbaugh calling someone “an effing retard” in the name of Satire.

It took a young woman with Down’s Syndrome to remind me, even people with special needs have senses of humor.

Screw you Sarah.

and this was the rest of the clip:


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